Josiah Curry

329Mt. Morris Panthers


Stats for the 2017 Season

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Graduation Year:2019
  • Wide Receiver
Weight:190 lbs
Major:Sports medicine

3 years of varsity

Colleges that you are interested in:

Penn State, Bowling Green, CMU, TCU, SMU, MSU, Ferris State

Colleges that have shown you interest:

TCU, Concordia, Alma, Kalamazoo, Chicago


My style of play and excitement for the game, I'm always jumping around and screaming, having fun but also focused and tunneled into the game.

How I play the game:

My intangibles in the game of football are that I'm a quick and explosive slot receiver also on Defense I'm a play maker not so much of a hard hitter, but strip the ball type of corner. I play the game smart and slow it down in my head and try to make a play on every down. I'm coachable and keep my head in all states of the game.

Outlook on High School Football and it's experiences:

Past years I have got honorable mention. My goals are that I wanna be 1st team all state and be top in my grade at my position. Academic wise I wanna go into the field's of being a Sports Medicine, and last but not least every athletes dream and goal is to go big. If that's God's will then that's great.

Discuss the potential opportunity of playing on the next level:

Playing on the next level interests me a lot because everyone's there for the same reasons to win and go into the league. That's where competitiveness comes in at I love hype and ecstatic moments in the game of College Football. I compete in everything I do.

Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous:

Honorable mention
Defensive player of the year and broke the school record for most FB in a game.
Twitter: @Josiahcurry1
Facebook: Josiah Curry