Jacob Walker Twitter

Graduation Year:2018
  • Long Snapper
Weight:265 lbs
Major:Vet Medicine

2 years Varsity, 1 year JV

Colleges that you are interested in:



I am very low key and have a laid back attitude, which in return makes pressure situations when snapping very easy for me, as I don't get to worked up or nervous over the situation.

How I play the game:

I am very smart and understand the game.  I am coachable and take constructive criticism well.   I can also coach myself within the game to make adjustments. 

Outlook on High School football and it's experiences:

I hope to be a team captain my senior year.  I want to strive to be a 2 time all conference player.  I want to lead my team to a playoff berth. 

Discuss the potential opportunity of playing on the next level:

I would love the opportunity to long snap at the highest level of college football.  I love being part of a team and the excitement that comes with playing.  It has always been a dream of mine to play college football.

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