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219Gaylord St. Mary Cathedral Snowbirds (Varsity)


Stats for the 2017 Season

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Graduation Year:2018
  • Runningback
  • Outside Linebacker
Height:6 foot


Colleges that you are interested in:

Grand Valley State University
Northern Michigan University
Hillsdale College
Eastern Michigan University
Central Michigan University


What separates me from everyone else on the football field is my focus and ability to get my job done. I learn everything I can about the other team and I make sure I understand my keys and reads so I get them right. I am always prepared and am always willing and ready to get my job done.

How I play the game:

I'm very coachable and am quick to understand what my job is. I'm smart in the game and play with confidence because I try not to be tentative during plays.

Outlook on High School Football and it's experiences:

My high school football experience has been the greatest part of my life. It has taught me how to be a responsible individual and how to be a gentlemen off the field. It's given me goals to hopefully play college football and eventually get into a good chiropractic college. Through my career I have received multiple awards which have raised my confidence levels and allowed me to be a lot more productive off the field.

Discuss the potential opportunity of playing on the next level:

Playing on the next level has been a dream of mine since I started. When I first started I just fell In love with the game and knew I wanted to play it as long as I could. I want coaches to know that I am willing to grind. I'm not afraid to push my limits and earn a spot wherever that spot may be.

Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous:

Honorable Mention All State
All Conference Runningback
All Conference Linebacker
MVP on my team
All Area Fullback