Caleb Devereaux Twitter

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Graduation Year:2018
  • Offensive Tackle
Weight:250 lbs
Major:Business management 

1 year of varsity 

Colleges that you are interested in:

Ferris State, Western Michigan, and Michigan State


My work ethic and leadership. I am very strong and have good footwork and football iq. I have well timed punches and block to the whistle.

How I play the game:

Aggressive, but always using intelligence to set up opponents. It's important to play fast and never skip a play. Consistency is something I strive for in the game of football.

Outlook on High School football and it's experiences:

I plan on working towards a state title with my time. I have seen great leadership the past 3 years and I'm thrilled to be a leader this year. I'm very blessed to have such amazing coaches and teammates.

Discuss the potential opportunity of playing on the next level:

Playing at the next level has been a goal of mine since a young age. I always strive to compete with people above me to become better. I think at the next level I would continue to develop my leadership skills.

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