Brent Newton Twitter

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Graduation Year:2019
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Defensive End
  • Offensive Tackle
Height:6' 3"


Colleges that you are interested in:

Michigan State
Grand Valley State University
Western Michigan University
Central Michigan University
Air Force


What separates me from other players on the field is my hard work and never give up mentality. While my opponents are sleeping or out having fun I'm in the gym or watching film. I'm driven for success and nothing less. If i miss a tackle i am going to get up and chase him until he is tackled. I dont quit on any assignments.

How I play the game:

I have played football since i was 6 so i have a lot of knowledge. I am very coachable. I love contact ill hit my opponent with a will to hurt. My play style varries to my opponents if they pass more, my ears are pinned back and going for that sack or to rush the quarter back. If they tend to run more i play smart. Ill read my key, clog holes. Create chaos in the trenches.

Outlook on High School football and it's experiences:

Starting at Brother Rice is already an accomplishment. I am driven to complete all my goals. If it is to have 10+ tackles in a game or have 15 sacks in my season ill shoot for it. "Aiming high and missing, is a lot better then aiming low and hitting". My goal is to play college football.

Discuss the potential opportunity of playing on the next level:

I love this sport and I want to play it for as long as I can. Playing college football would be an honor and I would love to. I'm driven, hardworking, coachable, and a natural leader.