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Graduation Year:2018
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Offensive Guard
Major:Manufacturing Engineering, Business


Anton Paljusevic (Palushaj) HUDL Highlights


Colleges that you are interested in:

ALL D1 AND D2 Schools No matter where

Colleges that have shown you interest:

Ball State University,Nebraska,Michigan,western Michigan,Michigan state, Marshall University, Eastern Michigan University and many more D1 SCHOOLS!


The thing that separates me and another player is the drive and toughness that i posses and that is what makes me unstoppable! I will not let anyone get past me and I will never ever let someone beat me! I believe this is in my Albanian nature and i will never stand down to anyone but the God almighty. If you are wearing the same jersey as me you are safe but if not i suggest you get out of the way.

How I play the game:

I am tough,hard hitter, Looking for a man to destroy every play, I play smart and use all the techniques that i have learned to become a great offensive lineman. I am very coachable and always looking for new things to help improve my game.

Outlook on High School football and it's experiences:

My high school football experience was great i learned a lot in the 4 years that i have played and i am still growing and learning. My goal as of right now is to get stronger and faster.

Discuss the potential opportunity of playing on the next level:

I believe i am 100% ready to play at the next level! Not to be cocky but i believe this because i have put in a lot of work to be the kind of player i am today. I believe i have the technique down and i am an absolute animal on the field.

Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous:

All conference (MAC RED)

Player Timeline
  • 01/11/18
    Eastern Michigan (Preferred Walk-On)
  • 12/16/17
    Hampton (Preferred Walk-On)
  • 11/17/17
    Ball State (Preferred Walk-On)
  • 11/02/17
    Kent State (Preferred Walk-On)
  • 10/29/17
    Marshall (Preferred Walk-On)
  • 10/28/17
    Nebraska (Preferred Walk-On)